You have a mission!

This week the School Hall was taken over by people in training for their great mission from God! They began by doing a mission warm up and then they met Patricia who thought that she was ready to be a special agent for God. Although she didn’t quite understand at first with a bit of help from “Angel Arlene” she eventually realised that she needed to make disciples of all people and to baptise them. This looked like a tricky mission but the boys reassured her that all she had to do was to show love to others and then they would want to follow Jesus. Soon all of her friends gathered round to say prayers asking for help with the missions that we have been given and they ended the mission training with a catchy chant that would help us all to remember what God has called us to do.

The hard work didn’t finish there because after break children from Class 5 gathered together to get ready for their Class Mass. They wrote some excellent prayers and were generous enough to share them with other students who will read them in the Mass next week.


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