Y10 Retreat Day

On Friday 26th January all of Year 10 spent the day off timetable to take part in a Retreat Day which helped them to reflect on: the way that they handle challenges; their own self-image and the power of the words that we use.

They began the day inside Becket’s very own ‘Cube’ and completed various tasks with their forms. After break they split into girls and boys and reflected on the challenges to a positive self-image that their gender faces. Throughout the rest of the day Y10 reflected on the way that they view themselves. They saw the harmful impact that negative words and influences can have upon them and had the opportunity to build up other members of their community with prayers of affirmation. The day finished with a liturgy reminding us that our words have great power and we can make a difference, not only to those around us, but to the world as a whole.

Thank you for a fantastic day Year 10!

Be Inspirational