the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity (In our case, God!)


These are the dates and times of our meetings this week:
Year 7 – 11:45 – Ma1 – Tuesday Lunchtime
Year 8 – 11:45 – Kingsbury Chapel – Monday Lunchtime
Year 9 – 12:40 – Kingsbury Hall – Monday Lunchtime
Year 10 – 11:45 – Beechdale Chapel – Wednesday Lunchtime
Year 11 – 12:40 – RE6 – Wednesday Lunchtime
Year 12/13 –  Beechdale Reception – Friday Lunchtime
Remember to have your lunch BEFORE you arrive!

We start our prayer with the sign of the cross…

This week is Anti-Bullying Week across the country, and so in a move slightly different from normal we’re going to watch a video on that today. Bullying is never okay, it hurts others and definitely doesn’t follow Christ’s example. Watch the video and try the activity below.

This week we want to focus on how we can unite together to help reduce bullying in school and online. We all need to work together to do this. We would like you to make a pledge outlining how you will be playing your part to unite against bullying. You can write down your pledge or think of it and keep it to yourself.


Let us join together in prayer now :


Dear Lord,

You keep us safe and provide us shelter in our times of need. Please forgive those who disobey your Word, who bully and hurt others, and help them to see your light and graciousness. Help us to live out Christ’s example everyday, and to be better people in our thoughts, words and deeds.


…we end our prayer with the sign of the cross
We start our prayer with the sign of the cross…

Teachers – you may want to play the video below as the students are coming in and then pause it and continue it once you’ve started the prayer.

Worship can mean different things to different people. There is no right or wrong way to come closer to God, you can talk, sing, be silent, pray, whatever feels right and comfy for you.

Some people prefer to worship alone, whilst some prefer being together. Worship can be loud and joyful or quiet and reflective, and each one is equally as reverent as the others.

Watch some of this worship video and see how this group of people are worshiping then spend some time talking to the person next to you about what you saw.

Is this how you worship?

Is it something you would feel comfortable doing?

What type of prayer and worship do you enjoy most?

…we end our prayer with the sign of the cross.

Today Mrs Wisdish is bringing us our Act of Worship!

We start our prayer with the sign of the cross…

The video today looks at a piece of scripture that gives us more insight into why we worship. Use the twenty seconds of silence at the end of the video to take a moment of prayer with God.

Why do you think we worship? What do people get from it?  Comment your answers below.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our non-uniform day for NDCYS, and that we are asking for a voluntary donation of £1 from everyone. If you can spare even more that would be incredible!


…we end our prayer with the sign of the cross
We start our prayer with the sign of the cross…

Today is National Youth Funday! We’re going to join the Briars team live during form time and see what’s going on…

…we end our prayer with the sign of the cross
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