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Our world is affected by climate change. This is a very significant problem that we are aware of, a problem we regularly address. Yet when we think of climate change, we think of how it might affect us (in the long run). But very rarely, we think of how it affects others (in present time).


England is a country where climate change is one of the smaller problems. We recognise it but are rarely affected by it. In countries like Africa, climate change is among their most significant problems…but they can’t defend against it. Huge amounts of people in Africa are facing poverty. Those who are poor can’t fight climate change like those who have the money to buy supplies. They can’t build flood gates, prepare for extreme temperatures and they can’t keep rebuilding their houses the way they are forced to do. They can’t live this way and although we can’t stop climate change in the next 5 minutes we can do our part to help those greatly affected.


We often bring up the subject of poverty and how they are more affected than we are but we do it to show recognition. We rarely try to help. Our conversations will not help the situation. Our words are considerate but it’s our actions that make the difference. We need to put our words into action. We need to make a change or the innocent will suffer. We can’t achieve it alone, we need the help of others. It sounds impossible but it’s not that much of an effort. Recycle, pick up litter, donate to charity…. there are so many ways we can help. Those people need our help and its only us who can give it.

Aoife Hampson