With rights come great responsibility!

Class 5 were in charge of preparing the Collective worship this week and shared the message that rights match responsibilities. Using the story of The Good Samaritan Class 5 explained that we all have a responsibility towards one another and that we must respect the right of everyone to be safe and happy. There were questions and challenges for Class 6 to tackle during the Collective worship and they were also invited to share the prayers that some of the members of Class 5 had prepared.

Class 4 were also making preparations for their Collective Worship the next day. Some lovely prayers (with amazingly neat handwriting!) were being prepared along with some beautiful illustrations and clever dramas which show that when we help those who are the hungry, thirsty and lonely, we are showing God’s love.

Chaplaincy Team 1 were discussing the Gospel readings and the message that we should be humble about the good things that we do. They also received their new Chaplaincy Team badges which they are now wearing with pride!

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