The children at Our Lady and Saint Edward’s were very enthusiastic about informing the entire school what it meant to have identity.

Each child from the chaplaincy team spoke about identity very passionately and there were some terrific ideas being suggested for the liturgy, which they led on the same afternoon.

The scripture that they chose was when Joseph forgave his brothers after they sold him. This is an important part of our identity, forgiveness. It sometimes takes a little time to see the good in people, but when we do, we should seek forgiveness for not searching for God in them. The children explained this beautifully.

The theme of the liturgy also led nicely into a time where the children received awards for being themselves – showing their true identities. Dojo awards and Gold Book awards were presented to children from each class as they were able to show their individuality through being kind, prayerful and working hard in class.

Children received these awards for many different reasons, all which are important in creating the identity of the school, which is to “Live the Gospels”.

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