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DSCF0291This week Class 4 prepared a fantastic liturgy focusing on what it is that God calls us to do. After discussing A LOT of different bible stories where God called many people to do challenging things we focused on the story of King Solomon where the mother of a child was called by God to make a difficult sacrifice and to be forgiving.

Some representatives of Class 4 then visited Class 2 and told them all about their liturgy and shared some of the questions and prayers which had been a part of it. Class 2 then set to work on writing prayers asking for forgiveness and help or giving thanksgiving for the things that God has given us and these are going to be made into a prayer book which will be kept in Class. Class 2 ended the morning with their own liturgy where we discussed that God calls us to pray to him and to talk to him and that we should make time for God whenever we can.