2 Weeks 3 Masses and a Monastery

So it’s been two week in the job and in many ways it feels like I’ve been doing it for ever. In the best possible way of course. People have made such an effort to make me feel welcome and I can’t begin list the incredible and inspiring experiences I’ve had simply by being in the same building as the amazing young people here.

What I can say is that it has re affirmed why I do what I do, because for every meeting and deadline, there has been the moments that have left me speechless.

The half an hour spent talking to a class about Inspiration only to leave being inspired by their dreams and the honesty. The effort that people have made to become house captains and the commitment that they’ve shown to making our community a better place, or simply when I sat outside making paper boats with the Yr 12’s – all of these things have better articulated what God is like  and what he can do when people are open to him.

This weekend I was at a monastery with 17 students preparing for confirmation. It was a very interesting experience for us all, but I think on reflection I learnt more from the young people than I did from the Monks. If you’d have told me in Yr 8 that I was going to a monastery I don’t think I’d have been impressed, much less open to learning something about my faith from my experiance, but in the young people that I shared the weeked came the clearest of explation of what Jesus was on about when he said we need to be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. We need to be open. We need to give experiances the benifit of the doubt and we need to look for God in each other every day.

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