Tuesday 6th November

The focus of our first session was: “We love because we are loved”

We spent a good hour after school in discussion, just thinking about the above focus. Our Year sixes were very respectful of one another’s thoughts and opinions realising that everyone has different viewpoints and that all are valid and need to be heard.  In fact we spent so much time in discussion we were nearly late for collection time!

Tuesday 13th November

Following on from last week’s session we spent time reflecting on the above statement, thinking about different types of love and how they might affect our lives.  We looked at the lives of Sean Devereux and Maximillian Kolbe and how they showed great love by their actions and ultimate sacrifice. We thought about who loves us and who do we love? Were our two lists the same?  We have also created a liturgy on love which we look forward to sharing with the school during the half term


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