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Walesby was a great experience for everyone since lots of people made friends and had fun. When I went to Walesby I was a bit scared because none of my friends were in my group, but I quickly made friends with people in my room and in my group! Lots of people enjoyed it! People made lots of friends and if any year 6s are reading this, go to Walesby you will have a lot of fun!

Day 1,

First, we had our packed lunches, after that we started some activities (I did zip-wiring and rock climbing.) Next, we had some free time to unpack and get to know people better. Then we had dinner which was pizza and fries (it was delicious.) After dinner we had more free time and we got to play ball games (Football, Cricket etc) or you could stay in your room and talk to your new friends. Then we had a massive disco in the evening (it was the best disco ever.)

Day 2,

In the morning we got woken up by the teachers in our building. We got to get ready and went down to breakfast which was hash-browns, toast, spaghetti hoops and cereal. Then some free time. Next we had some lunch which was jacket potatoes with cheese or no cheese. People went to the lake and raft building while others had free time and did two activities then in the afternoon we switched over. After the switch was over we had some more free time to shower (especially for the people at the lake.) After that, we went to dinner which was a BBQ (Hotdogs and Burgers.) After that we got a chance to go to the gift shop. Then we had a massive campfire where we sung lots of songs and at the end Marsha came in and prayed with us. Then we wrote down our future purpose in life and made a paper airplane with the paper our dreams were on!!! Then we went back to our cabins and drank more hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Day 3/Last day

In the morning we woke up, got dressed and packed then we went for breakfast (which was sausages, toast and beans/spaghetti hoops.) Then we had free time to either continue packing our bags or normal free time. Then we did 3 activities (which where for me archery, box building and puzzle solving.) Finally, we had the last lunch ever in Walesby (which was sad as we had fun) which was a sandwich with crisps and cookies!!!!! Then we got on the coach and drove away back to Becket.

By James Primrose