The word vocation comes from the Latin for “to call” and it reminds us that we all have a calling from God to be the person he created us to be. Finding that vocation and hearing that call however can be really hard sometimes and it’s often difficult to know what we should do with our lives.

This week spend some time in prayer thinking about what God might be calling you to do with your life. Often it’s not what we expect but when you find something that you love that is usually a good sign you’re on the right track!

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    We start with the Sign of the Cross.

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    This week you will be set a new missionary discipleship task, complete it and send it to Vicki: for it to feature on ‘Friday Night Live’.

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    As Christians we are encouraged to be ‘Missionary Disciples’ which means to go out in the world and actively spread the good news.

    However, at the moment we are living very different times to normal, by staying home and not going out into the world we are saving lives and keeping ourselves and the people around us safe.

    So how can we be Missionary Disciples from our homes?

    Even though our Churches are closed, we can still be the Church. Even though we must stay at home and social distance, there are still ways we can keep connected and spread the Good News. Good luck with this weeks task 🙂

    When people hear the word Vocation they often think of those who have been called to be a priest. There are so many different vocations but in this video Fr David Cain will explain to us what life is like as a priest, how you go about answering that calling and what the job involves!

    Fr David gave us a lot of information there but there are probably still some things that you want to know.

    Please add your questions for our priests in the comments box below and over the next few weeks we’ll put these questions to some of the many priests who we are in virtual contact with!

    Not everyone will know what they want to do right now, and it may change in the future, but we can always turn to God for guidance and reassurance that we have someone to care for us no matter which path we take or what vocation we choose.

    The person in this picture represents you.

    Take some time to think carefully about what it is that you want to do in your life.

    Do you think you have been called to a particular vocation?

    How do you think you can do God’s work in your future?

    Please help us Lord to do the right thing in our futures.

    Help us to listen for your call.


    We end by making the Sign of the Cross.

    We start with the Sign of the Cross.

    Don’t forget your missionary discipleship challenge:

    This week we have entered into the ‘Month of Mary’.  We have a very special link to Mary as Our Lady of Lourdes is our trust patron. In this video you’ll see how two 14 year old girls were brave enough to answer their calling from God. First there was Mary who said yes and agreed to be the Mother of God. Then there was a young girl called Bernadette who followed the instructions that Mary gave her and without her, our Trust wouldn’t exist!

    Think about the opportunities that you have to follow your calling from God.

    Do you respond by saying yes?

    How do you think you can make a difference as a young person?

    We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.

    This week we are thinking about how God is calling us to do His work. Take some time this morning to listen to how various members of our wider community have answered their calling to a variety of vocations.

    Lord, guide us on the right path so that we may follow your path and do your work.


    We end with the Sign of the Cross.

    We start with the Sign of the Cross.

    Don’t forget your missionary discipleship task:


    Every Wednesday The Briars Youth Service are leading us through a series called ‘Making sense of it all’.

    During this uncertain time, it can be easy to get worked up and anxious about what is happening in the world. Now we have entered the season of Easter and that’s all about being joyful and giving praise and thanks to the Lord- how can we marry these two emotions together?

    Watch the video below and think about how we can find joy in these difficult circumstances? As Christians, as how can we be the joy in other people’s lives who are struggling?

    Although our routines and where we spend our time are very different, we are still the same people and we have the same needs to keep connected with one another, to love and look after one another.

    Today, your task is to create an advertisement poster for a vocation.

    Your advert should include information about:

    • What the vocation is
    • What tasks the person must do in this vocation
    • What qualities the person will need to follow this vocation
    • What sacrifices or compromises the person may have to make to follow God’s call and take up this vocation

    Here are a few ideas of some vocations that you could advertise:

    • Priest
    • Nun
    • Married person
    • Teacher
    • Chaplain
    • Nurse
    • Youth Worker
    • Charity Worker

    If you need some inspiration then listen to this advert for the perfect nanny from the film Mary Poppins.

    Send your adverts to Vicki:

    We end with the Sign of the Cross.

    We start with the Sign of the Cross.

    Don’t forget to submit your missionary discipleship work to feature in tomorrows ‘Friday Night Live’ with Naomi!


    Watch this news report about an american footballer who gave up playing football (or soccer as they call it in America!) to be a priest.

    Do you think he’s making a bigger decision because he’s deciding to leave behind a career in football to be a priest?

    How did Chase decide to become a priest?

    Did people support his decision to be a priest?

    Comments below 🙂

    Everyone who trains to be a priest, or who chooses any vocation needs others to pray for them so that they can have the strength to fulfil their calling.

    Join together and say this Prayer for Priests that the Catholic communities in Nottingham are asked to pray.

    Lord Jesus, the ministry of priests is a sign of your unfailing care.

    Call from among us the priests needed for the Church of today and tomorrow.

    Bless all students for the priesthood. Grant them joy, wisdom, courage and a generous spirit.

    Sustain priests with a real sense of your love

    and the support of those they are called to serve.

    Keep them faithful to their calling.



    We end with the Sign of the Cross.

    We start with the Sign of the Cross.

    Watch this video and read the scripture below to hear about how Peter followed the calling of Jesus and took up his vocation.

    A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew.

    (Glory to you O Lord.)

    As Jesus walked along the shore of Lake Galilee, he saw two brothers who were fishermen, Simon (called Peter) and his brother Andrew, catching fish in the lake with a net. Jesus said to them, “Come with me, and I will teach you to catch people.” At once they left their nets and went with him.

    He went on and saw two other brothers, James and John, the sons of Zebedee. They were in their boat with their father Zebedee, getting their nets ready. Jesus called them, and at once they left the boat and their father, and went with him.

    The Gospel of the Lord.

    (Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.)

    Jesus gave his disciples a very clear request and call to come and work with him.

    They all had a job that they were doing at the time which they had to leave behind.

    Just like the first disciples there are things that we will have to leave and sacrifice so that we can follow Jesus’ call and fully commit to our life with God.

    Think about the things that you need to give up in order to follow Jesus’ call.How do you respond when you are asked to follow others?

    What could you leave behind so that you can be a better disciple?

    Leave your comments below 🙂

    Lets spend some time relaxing in scripture. I invite you to get comfy and close your eyes:

    We end with the Sign of the Cross.

    We start with the Sign of the Cross.

    Every week Issie (Lay chaplain at Trinity and Catherine McAuley Hub) is going to teach you a new song!

    We end with the Sign of the Cross.


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