joshua-1-9Welcome to The Becket! One of the ways we pray together is using the Be Inspirational site ever morning. It’s packed full of activities, scripture and videos to help us think about our ‘Word of the Week’ which is our prayer theme across the school. Today you’ve got a very special video prepared by some people who were sat just where you are this time last year!

We begin with the Sign of the Cross.

Watch the video below and think about how your feeling at the moment!


When the disciples are worried Jesus often tells them “Do not be afraid” because he knows they have nothing to worry about.

Today your form tutor and your new form will hopefully help you realise that actually you have no reason to worry and that it’s going to be amazing when you join in us September.

Lord, help us not to worry today and to get excited about the things to come. Amen

(Tomorrow you can watch the ‘Word of the Week’ in form time along with the rest of the school. It’s our weekly show that you can have a go at presenting too!)

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