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On the 13th December, Sacred Heart held a sale of toys, books and lots of cakes. All of the school was involved and it allowed them to trade in one of their old toys and get a new one in as a replacement, the school also enjoyed some beautifully homemade cakes.


The day started with normal lessons, just like any other day, until the chaplaincy team went to help some of the staff set up for the day’s events. This meant setting up cake trays so we could bring the cakes to all year groups and also organising the tables so that the toys and books could be put on to them in time to be sold at break and lunch.


After a little break we went back into the hall to begin selling the toys and books we had collected to the early year’s foundation classes, the toys were a big success in this year! After this all the other classes came in one at a time and got to choose between all the books and toys we had on offer. Overall the day was a massive success and we are all looking forward to many more!


Annabelle and Brooke – Year 6