The diocesan theme we are reflect upon during the Lent term is ‘Discipleship’.

Being a disciple means following a teacher or a way of life, it’s where we get the word discipline comes from. The word reminds us that to follow Jesus we have to live like him and shape our lives in a way that reflects who he was and what he taught.

Jesus is constantly asking us to be his disciples, his co-workers, in and throughout our daily lives, in our school, our home, our parish, and our wider neighbourhood.

This week we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus which marked the start of Jesus’ active ministry. That ministry went on to change the whole world and today we continue to be called disciples of Jesus.

A disciple is someone who is trying each day to move from a ‘me-centred’ relationship with Christ to one that seeks to hear and respond to what Christ may be asking of them: ‘Here I am, Lord, I come to do your will’ (Psalm 40).

This week’s word of the week video is brought to us by some of the students at The Becket School!

If Jesus was around today, what would he need to do or have to make people follow him today?

Who do you identify as a modern day disciple?

What is good about being a follower of Jesus?

What could you do more of to make you more of an active disciple?

If you have any thoughts on these questions- please share them in the comments box below!

The Examen Prayer

The Examen Prayer is a wonderful way for us to examine our day, reflect on how we have responded to Our Lord’s call to discipleship and think about how we can respond better Jesus’ calling the following day.

We invite you to find a quiet space to reflect and meditate on this prayer…

I thank God.
I say to the Lord: I am content with what I am and have. Thank you for stars and universes, for mountains and oceans. Thank you for health and home and work, for those I love and those who love me. Thank you that I know Jesus Christ and am his—for the Church, and sacraments, and hope in eternal life. And thank you for this day.

I ask for light.
Let me see myself and my behavior the way the Holy Spirit has been seeing me, who am God’s splendid creature, adopted and “set free in Christ Jesus” (Romans 3:24).

I look for God in my life.
I ask what I have done for love—love of God, of others, and of myself. If I have decided to change a habit or to grow a virtue, I give myself an account.

I face what’s wrong.
I accept responsibility for what I have done or not done, rejoicing in the good and repudiating the bad. I do not blame circumstances, upbringing, or others.

I determine what to do now.
I see what I can do to love God better, grateful for what Jesus Christ is doing in me. I watch where the Spirit is leading me.

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