On Monday the 28th September all staff and students from The Trinity School stopped their normal lesson and gathered as a whole community in prayer to mark the start of a new school year.

This would normally be done through the celebration of mass but as we could not do this, due to current COVID restrictions we gathered in form rooms and watched a pre recorded Liturgy. If was very different from what we are used to but still very special.







We were very lucky to have Fr Johnathan Cotton record himself reading the Gospel reading of the day and share his thoughts on this, then staff members did the same.

Forms were encouraged to think about how we can make our school community even stronger and wrote contracts for their forms rooms on how we should treat each other this year.

Each form was also given a new prayer booklet with different types of prayers in, to use through the year and also space to write their own.

It was such a lovely thought that even though we can’t all be together in the same room, we were still together virtually through our faith.

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