The ‘Our Lady’s’ Chaplaincy Team had the task of sharing the story of The Ascension with the school this week! They decided they would get some help from Y6 to give them a break from their SATs (aww!) and they even got some help from Tim the LEGO guy too! After the scripture and video our hosts introduced us to an episode of ‘This is your life’ with a special guest – Jesus Christ! With guests such as the innkeeper in Bethlehem, the Bride from Cana and doubting Thomas they reflected on the life and ministry of Jesus and reminded us to tune in next week for an episode on The Holy Spirit! To follow Jesus’ message to His disciples to ‘go out in the world and share the good news’ we didn’t finish the Liturgy in the Hall but instead the Liturgy Team accompanied one Class each back to their Class room where they ended with a prayer for the end of the day and the sign of the cross. Great job Team!


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