Staff prayer – Monday 30th March 2020

Hallmarks are there to be seen!

Have you ever examined a piece of jewellery carefully? If not take a closer look now. Good quality jewellery usually has something called a hallmark. A hallmark as you will know tells you about the material it has been made from, the date it was made and the designer who made it. Whenever we see a hallmark, we can know that thought, time, design, planning, effort and expertise were put into making it. They tell us that there was always a designer and creator involved.


The universe is full of hallmarks!

The Heavens tell about the glory of God, the skies announce what his hands have made. Each new day tells more of the story, and each night reveals more and more about God’s power. You cannot hear them say anything. They don’t make any sound we can hear. But their message goes throughout the world.

(Psalm 19: 1-4a)


Hallmarks of discipleship and mission

  • Welcome
  • Love/Hospitality
  • Serving
  • Witness
  • Forgiving


Giant Loudspeaker!

The Bible says that the universe in which we live is like a giant loudspeaker, shouting out for our attention. Although the stars do not have a voice of their own their existence tells us something important about God. They tell us how awesomely powerful the creator of all of this must be!


You don’t need a magnifying glass!

Keep your eyes focused on where Jesus is calling you to be and may you realize that Jesus is offering you a fuller life than what you may be experiencing now.

Our hallmark is that we are all children of God and that our love and commitment to Christ in our daily life is genuine.


Answering the call!

Faithful to God in all areas of our lives

Use all our gifts and talents to make a difference

Love the way Jesus loved

Live each day as it comes

Encourage others along the way

Remember what the lord has said “Well done good faithful servant “


Let our hallmarks be those of Jesus as we continue this Journey through Lent




God of love,
source of mercy and compassion,
weave your dream for the world
into the fabric of our lives.

Remove the scales from our eyes
and lift the indifference from our hearts,
so that we may see your vision –
a new reign of justice and compassion
that will renew the earth.

Transform our lives,
so that we may accomplish your purpose.

Give us a new urgency
and a new commitment

to accept the unacceptable,
and to embrace the enemy.

Surround us with your love,
fill us with your grace,
and strengthen us for your service.

Empower us to respond to the call of Jesus –
to deny ourselves,
to take up our crosses,
and to follow.

Make us your disciples.


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