Prayer over Panic!


We are living in troubled and uncertain times. Everywhere we turn, on the news, or on social media, everyone is talking about this coronavirus. Fears are rising all around the world. People who have never felt anxious before are suddenly weighed down with worry and are not sure what to do next. People are doing unpredictable things when they are motivated by fear and uncertainty.

In these uncertain times, the Bible assures us that there are some truths that we can know for certain. The early church was no stranger to plagues, epidemics, and mass hysteria. They experienced their fair share of uncertainty and even panic. the apostle John directs believers’ attention to five things we can be certain about even in uncertain times—five truths that cannot be denied and will never change.

 Our Promise

As believers in Jesus Christ, we can know that we have eternal life. God has gone on record in His Word as offering eternal life to everyone who believes in Jesus Christ. This is God’s promise, and we can count on God’s promises.

Life is full of let downs and empty promises, but eternal life with Jesus will not be one of them! How do we know that Jesus knows what he is talking about? Because he has been there. Jesus has been to the grave. But then the miraculous happened. And the Bible says, “Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we have been given a brand-new life and have everything to live for, including a future in heaven.

In times of confusion, in times of fear, in times of uncertainty, the first truth of which we can be certain is God’s promise of eternal life.

Our Prayers

The second truth of which we can be sure is that God hears and answers our prayers. Now more than ever, Christians ought to be responding not in panic, but in prayer. We have so much to pray about. We need to pray for the medical leaders. We need to pray for decision makers. We need to pray for governments around the world. We need to pray for the people who are already afflicted by this virus. We need to pray for those who are especially vulnerable—the elderly, those who are already sick, or have immune deficiencies. In uncertain times, it so essential that Christians choose prayer over panic!

And when we pray, we can be certain that God is listening. We know that he hears us.

So, we can be certain about our promise, we can be certain about our prayers, and, third, we can be certain about our protection.

 Our Protector

The third reality that we can be certain about is our protection.

We have a protector keeping us safe, Jesus who protects us from spiritual harm, from the “evil one.”

he has got our backs. Christ has set us free from sin and Satan. So, even though we still mess up sometimes, the ultimate victory is ours in Christ Jesus.

So, we can be certain about our promise, our prayers, our protector, and, fourth, we can be certain about our place.


Our Place

God wants a family, and He created you to be a part of it!

The entire Bible is the story of God building a family who will love Him, honor Him, and reign with Him forever.

When we place our faith in Jesus, God becomes our Father, we become His children, other believers become our brothers and sisters, and the church becomes our spiritual family. Christians are not just called to believe; we are also called to belong.

We are created for communion and community. Being a part of God’s family is all about laughing together, crying together, and dreaming together. In fact, the Bible says that Christians are put together, joined/ built together, members together, held together, and will be caught up together. There is a lot of togetherness in God’s family!

I think, especially at times like this, when you are supposed to isolate yourself and avoid social gathering, it is easy to feel lonely and cut off from others. But when you belong to God’s family, you are never, ever alone.

Finally, the last truth of which we can be certain is Jesus is our Prince of Peace.

Our Prince

Jesus is the real thing! And that is all that really matters.

When you know Jesus and you know that he loves you and you love him, you can experience peace that surpasses all understanding even during a global pandemic.


The Truth, The Way, The Life

We are living in uncertain times, but the Bible gives us some truths that have stood the test of time and that we can know for certain: we can be certain about our promise, our prayers, our protector, our place, and our Prince.

So, when you feel overwhelmed or worried or anxious, remember these five certainties. Take refuge in them. You can know that you have eternal life. You can know that your prayers are heard by God. You can know that you have been vaccinated against sin and Satan. You can know that you are a child of God, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior of your soul.




I know the way into your presence, Father.

It is through Jesus alone.

He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

There is no way for me to reach the Father, but through Him.

In Jesus, I have a perfect revelation of You, Father.

Through Him, I both see and know your heart, God.

If I ever wonder what You think of me, I can look to Jesus and all my wondering will be laid to rest.



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