The Bible is the Truth

Fact or Fiction

sometimes we get “facts” and “truth” confused. They are not the same thing. Some of the best works of fiction are full of truth. The Bible has lots of facts in it- real events, real people, real places. The Bible also has non-factual things in it- parables, poems, dreams, visions, and songs. All the non-factual things in the Bible however are full of truth, just as much as the historical events. The stories about Jesus are factual as they really happened. But they are also true because they have something to teach us about life, God, and ourselves.

Older than Old

The truth of God’s word is older than old. In fact, its forever. The truth that exists within the books, stories and chapters are timeless because they come from God Himself. The truth they tell us is that God can always be trusted, that He made the Earth, that God’s plan and design for earth is the very best and will never be outdated, old fashioned, or untrue. Even if some things in the stories have changed the truth behind the stories never change.

Look for the Truth

When you read the Bible, look for the truth. The facts point to something deeper, something more important.

  • Some of Jesus closest friends were fisherman (fact)

(Truth) Anyone is invited to be a close friend of Jesus


  • David was younger, smaller, and weaker than Goliath (fact)

(Truth) Regardless of your age, size, or status, God can use you to accomplish amazing things if you will let him.


Do not however expect to open the Bible and find quick and easy answer to things. The Bible is not a collection of FYIs and Q and As. The Bible is the book of life, the source of truth, the heart of God. So, we must pay careful attention to what it is saying. Look beyond the things that have changed over time and find the things that are true today. Those are the things that will tell you how to live life as God planned it.

So, open the Bible today. Read. Notice the facts. Then Dig for the truth!

“Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. “

(Proverbs 30:5)



Lord, help me to seek truth today –
To find it in places and people I wouldn’t otherwise notice.
Teach me that in truth there is wisdom and understanding.
May seeking truth help me overcome my fears and frustrations.

Lord, help me to strive for truth in all that I do today –
That my thoughts, words, and actions may reflect Your goodness.
Show me that only in truth will I be free
To live honestly and courageously,
To love wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

Lord, help me to cherish truth –
Knowing that You are the author of all that is beautiful, good, and true.
May truth reign in my heart, no matter what I encounter today –
Lies, mockery, confusion, or betrayal.
Your truth gives me clarity and peace.

Lord, You created truth.
You are Truth.
Help me to know truth when I see it;
Learn truth when I am taught it;
Love truth,
Live truth.

Help me to share truth with others today –
Those who are lost and lonely,
The broken-hearted and weary,
Anyone who is suffering from visible or invisible pain.

When I am a son or daughter of truth, I am free to be
Fully alive
Fully myself
And an honest reflection of You.

Truth leads to greater knowledge
And excellence in all virtues.

Truth strengthens me
Guides me
Leads me
Protects me
Keeps me.
I am constant when I dwell in Your truth.
I am unafraid of what I may face.
I am vigilant and poised for speaking
The witness of who You are in truth.






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