Free to Enter!

There are many places where we are not free to enter. We can’t just walk into a prison and check out all the cells. We can’t just walk into the bank and look around the safe. If we go to a theme park or concert, we need tickets or money to pay at the gate.

The Most Holy Place

In the temple in Jerusalem there was a very special area called “The Most Holy Place”. People were not free to go in there and it was separated from the rest of the temple by a huge curtain which was more like a wall- thick and high. The moment Jesus died the curtain in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom without anyone touching it! God the Father was showing us that Jesus’ death had now made a way for sinners to come into his presence. The way was no open for sinners to come to God and receive his forgiveness. There was now free entry, nothing for us to pay, it had been paid for in full by Jesus.

Green Light

The torn curtain was a green light- God letting us know that there is nothing to stop us from coming to him for the forgiveness we so desperately need to begin a new relationship with him. It’s time for action! Turn away from the life you have been living and turn to God in prayer. God was willing to do whatever it would take to forgive us, so we could be friends with him. Jesus paid the ultimate cost, so that we don’t have to. The father had the pain of seeing his son die in complete agony and turned his back on him. This is humbling.

God loves you that much!

“for the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”.

This gift is for you and it’s free of charge!


Dear God,

I am sorry that I’ve been going my own way up until now

Sorry for pushing you out of my life

I know I need to change lanes and get off this road that leads to destruction

Thank you for sending Jesus to die in my place and for paying the price my sin deserves

Please forgive me

I want to accept the amazing gift you are offering me

So, I’m ready right now to turn away from my sin and turn to Jesus for my new life and my new start.

Thank you, God!


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