Staff Prayer – 20/04/10


We like to Party!

Some people would say that Jesus was a all work and no play kind of person but that wasn’t the case. Jesus regularly participated in festivals and celebrations and often met with friends to eat meals with them. Jesus’ first recorded miracle happened at a party. Parties were an important part of Jesus’ ministry because they were important to the culture, he ministered in. Jesus celebrated because his ministry meant victory over sin and death for all those who believed in Him. Now that’s worth celebrating!

The Best Party

In the parable of the prodigal son he was drawn in by the glitz and glamour of living the wild party life, free from the watchful eye of his parents. Using his inheritance, he partied as hard as he could; alcohol, drugs, girls – you name it he did it. But when the money ran out and the party ended it had left him empty on the inside and ruined on the outside. The prodigal son then came to his senses and headed home to beg for his Father’s forgiveness. When he returned the son was greeted with compassion and the best party he ever attended. Unlike some parties, this one was fuelled not by the chase for a temporary high but by a father’s love. This was the kind of party that goes on in heaven every time a person realises Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

Join the Party!

God wants you to have complete joy. He created you for it. Jesus came so that you could be immersed in complete joy.

“I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete” (John15:11)

  • Is your joy complete?
  • What is standing in the way of complete joy that Jesus wants for you?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice in order to have complete joy?
  • Are you getting in the way of your own joy?

A joyful heart is life, itself, and rejoicing lengthens one’s life span. Have you been lured away by the sins of this world? Your heavenly Father is waiting with open arms and forgiveness for your return.

God delights in blessing his children. Celebrate God’s blessings!




You are the Father who welcomes home
the prodigal who has wandered far.
You are the Father who prepares a meal
when others would simply ignore.
You are the Father whose love extends
beyond our thoughts or minds.
You are the Father who knows our hearts
and yet loves us as we are.
You are the Father whose word we trust
in whose presence we have no fear.
You are the Father whose tender touch
makes a wounded spirit whole.
You are the Father whose only Son
was born that he might die.
You are the Father whose gracious love
we celebrate this day.


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