Knowing and Finding God


In the Old Testament we learn about Moses who was Just a normal guy who took care of his family’s sheep, worked every day, and minded his own business. However, he always kept his eyes open to what was going on around him. One day Moses saw something out of the ordinary a burning bush which he paid attention to and met God. When Moses met God, it was not what you might expect. It was not earth shattering. It did not draw huge crowds. There were no fireworks or drumrolls or choirs singing in the background. It was just Moses, God and a plain old ordinary bush in the middle of a desert. God spoke to Moses through the bush and told Moses who he was. He told Moses who Moses was and what it was that he wanted him to do. God let Moses ask him questions, lots of questions in fact. God listened patiently and did not tell Moses to be quiet. Instead God listened and responded. Moses did not go out looking for God that day, but he found him anyway because Moses had always kept his eyes and ears open to the world around him.

Meeting God

Although we will probably not have a conversation with God like Moses did, we can certainly still get to know Him by keeping our eyes and ears open to the ordinary but amazing things that happen around you every day just like Moses did.

  • What do these things tell you about God?
  • Do not be afraid to ask God questions
  • Listen for God’s answers in the scriptures or     from people who know Him well

God wants you to know Him, so if you look for Him, you will find Him



You are a gracious God, whose nature is loving and merciful and, in Your wisdom,, You have unveiled the building blocks of Your very character and revealed Yourself to us, within the pages of scripture.

Thank You for Your incomparable grace, in that despite my unworthiness You have lifted me up out of the miry clay and set my feet on the rock of my salvation and seated me in heavenly places in Christ.

I pray Lord, that in the power of the Holy Spirit, You would endow me the spirit of wisdom and understanding, so that I may know You more and love You better, with every passing day. I pray also that the eyes of my heart may be illumined by Your Word of truth, so that I may know more fully the hope to which I have been called.

Give me a deeper understanding of what it meant for You to die on the cross for my sins. Give me a deeper reverence for Who You truly are.



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