Staff prayer: 15/05/20

Good news story: Mrs. Woolley


Here’s my good news story about my dad – I hope you enjoy …



Staff prayer:


The Word of God Cannot Be Chained!


Something we must remember and hold on to during this pandemic is that no matter how long we are quarantined in our homes, you cannot quarantine the Gospel.



• It does not hurt

• It heals.

• It does not destroy

• It transforms.

• It does not bring death

• It brings life.


Paul understood this well.


“Because I preach this Good News, I suffer, and I am even chained like a criminal. But the word of God is not in chains.” 2 Timothy 2:9


In the same way, we may feel somewhat quarantined during this time of social distancing and house confinement. But the Word of God cannot be chained.

I believe that we are living at a time where the Gospel could spread faster and farther than ever before. I cannot think of a time more suitable for the spread of the Gospel than now. We must lovingly share this hope with the world right now.

A virus is a great example of how the Gospel spreads. It spreads through contact. It spreads from person to person.


Infect the World in a Good Way!

Jesus told his disciples how the Gospel would infect the world  He said, “you will receive power after the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”


So, let uspraise God so that the Gospel message is more contagious than than ever. The Gospel transforms you! It does not make you ill, it makes you well. It does not lock you down, it frees you up!

So how do we unleash it? We pray! We care! We share!




God, we thank you for the gospel of your son Jesus Christ.

Help us not to fall prey to the “gospel of the flesh “or any other Gospel other than Christ’s.

Lord empower us to share the good news everywhere we go.

In Jesus name we pray



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