staff prayer: 12/05/20

Love is all around us!

The Bible keeps things simple when it comes to Love

“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you,

It could not get any easier could it?

Well sometimes it maybe is not that simple but one thing for sure is it is important.



Because Jesus said so!

Sometimes we get sick and tired of answering all the why questions. We may sometimes feel that we do not want to keep explaining and end up snapping with “Because I said so!” as It seems to work better than all the reasons we give.

Jesus does give us a reason. He says:

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciple “Your love reflects Christ in the world better than any explanation or reason you could possible give that He is Risen!

If you love just like Jesus, you could just ignore all the other things you are supposed to do. If you love you will not steal, kill, commit adultery, lie, cheat, covet. Love fulfills the Law.




Jesus addresses his disciples when he gives this command, people who were already part of his family, people who had experienced his grace, people who were in a relationship with him. This new command is not telling you to do this if you want to be saved it is saying:

  • Do this if you want to glorify God
  • Do this if you want to praise God
  • Do this if you want to serve God

It is not a command to qualify you for the kingdom. It is a command to you as a member of God’s family.

We are also members of God’s family not by what we have done but by birth.



Obedience is how we glorify God. Jesus tells us the way we give Glory to the Father of everyone and His family is by loving one another.

The question of who or whom to love is again made simple. Those who are part of God’s family:

  • Everyone even our enemies, by working towards the benefit of another! You do not even have to like a person to show love. Love is not a feeling or emotion. Love is action.




Let us love one another

and pray,

Let us love one another

and be faithful,

Let us love one another

and be humble,

Let us one another and be filled with the charity of God

Let us love one another

With God, in God, and for God

And we shall thus be one with God for all eternity.



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