Running for Gold!

Why do people like us, who want to follow Jesus more closely struggle consistently to do so?


Paul wrote:

“I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do”. (Romans 7:19)

This is the Dilemma we all face when we try to live the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Due to recent events we are all concerned and anxious about the world being in a bit of a mess. We need to remember however that God never intended for us to suffer and die. He originally wanted us all to live in paradise forever. So why did the world get to be a mess? We tend to focus on the suffering, poverty and deaths but these are all symptoms. Sin is the disease. Sin is the real problem. Sin makes us unhappy.


Jesus is the solution; he came to show us the best way to live. We are all good people, but the truth is we are all sinners too. Sinners need saving. Yes, the world is a mess, but we must not forget that Jesus came to fix the mess. So that’s Good News!

Don’t run away!

If we are honest, we don’t always like to talk about sin, but it is impossible to make sense of Jesus without considering sin. It was sin that fractured our relationship with God and continues to do so. As we go on our Journey with Jesus this week, we need to remember the reason why Jesus came was ,to reconcile humanity to God, and he accomplished this by dying for our sins. The death of Jesus on the cross is worthy our deep reflection this week. We all tend to run away from sin. But what we are running away from is nowhere near as important as what we are running towards. Let us all run towards Jesus!


Dear God,

Forgive me of all my sins.

Create in me a clean heart and renewed life.

Heal me from the hurts of my past.

Cover me and my family with your precious and Holy blood.

Bless and protect everyone that seek and believe in you.



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