The Light of the World

Staff prayer: 09/06/20

Who does Jesus say that you are?


Jesus asked his followers:

  • Who do people say that I am?
  • Who do you say that I am?

But who does Jesus say that you are?

Jesus says that you are a child of God

“I am a child of God. “

(John 1:12)

“It is through faith that all of you are God’s children in union with Christ Jesus”

(Galatians 3:26)

“You are a child of God … You are wonderfully made, dearly loved, and precious in his sight. Before God made you, he knew You… there is no one else like You!”

(Psalm 139)


Jesus says you are infinitely valuable

“You are the light for the whole world “

(Matthew 5:14)

“You are the salt for the whole human race”

(Matthew 5:13)

“You are my brothers and sisters”

(Matthew 12:50)

You are so valuable that God has counted and keeps track of every hair on your head.

(Luke 12:7)


Jesus says you are free

Above all else Jesus values Freedom. Jesus values it so much that he gives us the freedom to reject him. Without freedom there is no love, because we can only ever love to the extent that we are free. Throughout the scriptures Jesus reminds us that he has come to set us free from sin, so we can become what God created us to be: the best version of ourselves.

Jesus’ opinion Matters

Jesus wants us to be very clear about who he is, because when we are clear about who he is it allows us to become clear about who we are.

  • Who do people say that Jesus is?
  • Who do you say that Jesus is?

The more we discover who Jesus truly is, the more we will place him at the centre of our lives and the more we get to know him, the more life begins to make sense.

No matter what is happening now in our lives we need to remember that God loves all of us.

God’s opinion matters the most!



Our Loving Lord,

Thank you for being my refuge and my strength.

Thank you that no matter what the circumstances I can count on you to shelter me.

Thank you that even if things around me seem to crumble you are always with me, always loving me, always helping me.

In Jesus loving Name I Pray.


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