On Monday 28th September, Year 3 at St Mary’s had their first retreat day of the year with Issie!

It was based on their current RE topic, Homes, and involved lots of different activities.

Click on the tabs below to see what we did throughout the day!

Our Morning

  • Firstly we played a game of Sit Down If related to our Homes. We then spoke about what makes homes comfortable and read some scripture from Ephesians.
  • Then we read some of John’s gospel, all about The Great Commandment and created actions to explore what the scripture meant.


  • After that we looked at Mother Teresa and what she did to help those who didn’t have homes.
  • After that we had a visit from Kirstie and Phil from Location, Location, Location! (Not really it was Issie in disguise!) 3 Pupils were chosen to “be on the programme” and decide their dream house. We all chose different dream houses and we talked all about how Heaven, as God’s house, is perfect and combines everyone’s dreams.


Our Afternoon

  • In the afternoon we reflected on our day and filled in a sheet with a house. We wrote/drew different things in the various rooms throughout the house, including writing a prayer for the homeless and thinking about what Heaven looks like.


  • Afterwards, 5 students went with Issie to prepare a liturgy based on the theme of Appreciation, talking about their retreat day and the Appreciation Stations!
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