This year has been full of times of prayer in AoW, Mass and class prayer!

We all came together to celebrate our school St Edmund Campion! We had an amazing time in Mass leading different prayers and choosing all the songs we enjoy to sing!
We loved Fr John coming to school and talking to him. Keep an eye out on our school website to or twitter to see when our next Mass is.

Please let us know in the comments box what your thoughts are for the Mass.

Our Mary Prayer focus. Using Mary that we were given at the launch event of Our Lady of Lourdes. We have all written prayer intentions to take to Lourdes that the Becket Sixth form students will take with them on their pilgrimage. We hope they have a great and safe time and we will keep them in our prayers! Keep an eye on the Be Inspirational site to see what they get up to.

Mass of the Feast of Saint Peter and Paul.

We sang our Pslam at Mass to whole school! we really enjoyed singing and leading other students through it! If you would like to reflect on the lyrcis of the song we have left them below. Jules, Holly and Conall.

Prepare my mind Prepare my soul Prepare my heart And make me whole Prepare me for the awesomess of you Renew in me A spirit strong Remind me Lord Of all that’s wrong Create in me complete desire for you Make me holy Lord Make me holy Lord Make me holy Lord Like you Comsume my mind Comsume my soul Comsume my heart And make me whole Consume me with the awesomeness of you Destroy the pride Destroy the hate Destory the things that separate And keep me from returning back to you Make me holy Lord Make me holy Lord Make me holy Lord Like you Make me holy Lord Make me holy Lord Make me holy Lord Like you
At the start of Mass we brought up different items that all had different means. The candle to show that Jesus is the light of the world. Fishing rod to show we are to go out and be like Peter and bring the good news to everyone. The Globe to show how Saint Peter traveled all over and his message reached all over the world! We really enjoyed the Mass for the Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
Jemima, Elijah, Pippa and Andrei
We would like to say thank you everyone who has supported us this year! We hope that everyone has a great summer!
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