The year 5 Chaplaincy team lead the whole school in a day of prayer! Each year group were welcomed into the hall and all took part in different types of prayer lead by the Chaplaincy.

The prayer stations all had different themes:

World prayer

Prayers for the world. Everyone was even a google location point to place somewhere on the world map to then pray for the people of that country.

Pray with LEGO

Praying using LEGO. Praying whiles using LEGO asking Mary to intercede for us.

Shine like a star

Shine like a star. Everyone was given a paper star to write or draw what they are good at. Once finished fold the corners in and place in the water and watch what happens! The star starts to open up to show your gifts and talents.

Signing up to be a disciple. By putting your finger into the paint and placing your unique finger print on the word discipleship to say you’re going to be the physical signs of faith to others.

Prayer wall

Prayer wall. Using a scripture to reflect on then draw what it means to you.

Intersessions for Lourdes. Each person was given a paper to write or draw their prayer intentions that will be taken to Lourdes this summer.

It was a great day planned and lead by year 5 Chaplaincy team enjoyed by the whole school!

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