We are the School Council and we would like to tell you what we do as a school community. We make the school a better place and always make people feel welcome. On our first school council meeting we decided on what words we think everyone should be like so that this school can be a happy place and inspire all the children around us. This links to so many of the bible stories we have read throughout the years because it is our faith that guides us throughout our lives and helps us decide what we want to be. All the words we picked that are on the display show us how to be a good role model and better person.

Our former head teacher Mrs Dales left us an apple tree, this links to the tree of knowledge which we hear about in the story of Adam and Eve. She wants us to grow in knowledge as the apple tree will.

We will always look up to Jesus and do our best to follow in his footsteps and redeem our sins. Thank you for listening to us school councillors and we hope we have inspired you to be more like Jesus.

By Alfie, Taylen, Nikola, Zia.

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