The Becket run 5K to raise money for Bunkpurugu!

On Friday 27th September the whole school took part in our 5K run for our Trust charity- Building Hope in Bunkpurugu. Students were sponsored to spend the morning completing Mrs Carroll’s 5K course, followed by the opportunity to celebrate completing their run with a visit to the tuck shop. Even though we were joined by “a spot of rain”, everyone showed great charisma, for a great cause!

Well done to everyone involved, we raised over £2,000 towards our school in Bunkpurugu!

We are over half way through the build but we still need to put our faith into action to raise more money so that plumbing can be installed, walls can be plastered and painted and electrics can be installed!

Please help us in our mission to build a school in Bunkpurugu so that young people can have access to education in a clean and safe building!

Let us know how you found the run in the comments below! How much you did you manage to raise being sponsored, what was your favourite part about the run and what time did you complete the run in?


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