This week’s ‘Word of the Week’ is Trust. It’s a word we use a lot but in this year of Mercy it takes on a special new focus. Part of the Year of Mercy’s mission is to bring people back to the sacrament of Reconciliation or ‘confession’ as we call it. This is something we offer in school, every Lent and and it can often be very scary. It’s scary because it involves putting your trust, not only in the priest, but in God. We have to trust in his forgiveness and trust in ourselves if we are to truly understand mercy and this week you’re going to have the opportunity to do just that!

Last week the Year 12’s going to Lourdes put their trust in you and you delivered! We needed an extra push and you responded with an amazing 198042 steps to help get us to the 2 million step target. Sometimes you need a bit of help from those around you and we were able to trust in you to help us out!

Don’t forget about ‘1000Hours’ It’s a challenge for us a school to reach 1000 hours of prayer and we’re going to do that by giving over just 2 minutes of each day. One minute before lunch and one minute at the end of the day. In this time it’s an opportunity to pray – however you want for anything you want. If everybody in our community does 2 minutes between now an Easter – it’ll add up to…. 1000 Hours! That’s pretty awesome! If you need some ideas for prayers you can click here!


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

It’s time for our “Word of the Week” watch the video above and check out for the notices at the bottom of the screen – don’t forget to leave your comments below!

Think about the people you trust and make an effort to find them today and tell them!

Lord, help us to find the strength to fast and make sacrifices in our lives. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

Trusting in something you can’t see is a very difficult thing. Just ask doubting Thomas! In this classic clip from Indiana Jones he realises that he must place his trust and faith in something he can’t see even though he’s scared.

Try to think about all the things you trust in that you can’t see and while God is probably an obvious choice, there are lots of things that we have to put faith in – but what are they for you?

Put your comments in the section below.

Lord, thank you for the gift of faith. Amen.


20131243153252734_20We begin with the Sign of the Cross

This whole term is about People’s rights and responsibilities. It’s going to look at issues around law and order and politics. It’s also going to explore what we are expected to do as part of a country and community.

This week use the Key Process of “Put yourself on the line” to debate what is a massive issue at the moment

We should leave the European Union

Lord, help us to understand our rights and responsibilities to others in our world. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

As you know, we are going to use the Scripture from this Sunday’s Gospel to reflect on every Friday. If you are in KS 3/4 You can use your planners to to help you understand the scripture.

This year we want to bring the Word of God to life on a Friday morning to help us reflect and understand scripture a little bit better, so with the help of our school community a different person each week will read our Gospel and share what it means to them. Use your planners to help you discuss and explore the story further.

This video has just been uploaded so refresh the page about 8:45am today and it should update!

Lord, help us to listen to and follow your word. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross.

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