Prayer Resources – Vocation

The word vocation comes from the Latin for “to call” and it reminds us that we all have a calling from God to be the person he created us to be. Finding that vocation and hearing that call however can be really hard sometimes and it’s often difficult to know what we should do with our lives. This week spend some time in prayer thinking about what God might be calling you to do with your life. Often it’s not what we expect but when you find something that you love, that’s usually a good sign you’re on the right track!

This week you’re going to elect your House/ Form Reps too. You’ll need 2 reps from each form to represent your forms views and opinions at the next House Council. You’ll have time during the week for speeches and voting!

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

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It’s a simple question – What do you think you’re called to do in life?

Lord, thank you for calling us all to a vocation. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

This week you’re going to think about who you’re going to choose as your form reps. You’ll need to Vote on Wednesday/Thursday and have the names of your reps in the comments box by the end of the week! Today find out if anyone want to stand and then give them a day to prepare a short speech as to why they should be elected.

This morning however, you’re also going to have a bit of time to think the issues that matter to you and the kind of things that should be on the agenda for the first discussion. As a form have a think about the following questions:

What do you think we need to talk about as a school?

What do you want to change?

What do you want to celebrate?

Write your topics in the box below.

Lord, help us to represent the views of others, Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross.

It’s time to vote in your new House Reps. Spend what time you can listening to the speeches of your fellow classmate and then vote in a secret ballot for your new reps. When you’ve got a decision – leave the names (and your form) in the comments box.

Spend a few moments in silence before you hear the speeches and make your choice. One thing we often forget to do is to ask God to help us with our decisions. We forget to listen to his call. In the silence, what is God calling us to do for our community – how is he inspiring us to use our voice?

Lord, thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear you call and work for the good of others. Amen

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