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The word vocation comes from the Latin for “to call” and it reminds us that we all have a calling from God to be the person he created us to be. Finding that vocation and hearing that call however can be really hard sometimes and it’s often difficult to know what we should do with our lives. This week spend some time in prayer thinking about what God might be calling you to do with your life. Often it’s not what we expect but when you find something that you love, that’s usually a good sign you’re on the right track!

Make sure you use the last moments of each morning to come together in Prayer, starting and finishing with the Sign of the Cross and reflecting on what your discussions mean for you today. You could also take the opportunity to share those things of people that need your prayers this week with each other.

Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see here!

Do we all have a calling in life? Does God have a plan for us? The idea that true happiness depends on finding ones true purpose is found in many religions but it also opens up the idea of there being a bigger plan and a bigger picture to our lives which can be a difficult thing to comprehend.

This week’s big discussion is this:

Does everyone have a vocation that they are called to by God?

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