We celebrated Pentecost on Sunday and it is one of the biggest events in the history of the Church! The Church we’re part of today can be traced back to that single event when the disciples, filled with the Holy Spirit, went out into the streets and started spreading the Good News in many different languages. They found a new courage and a new mission to spread Jesus’ message and today over one billion people are part of the Catholic Church!

Think about the Good News in your lives – how do you share that with others?

Daily Prayer for Peace

During the month of May (a month of Mary) Bishop Patrick has asked us to pray for peace and to particularly ask Mary, the Mother of our Church to pray for us also.

Whilst we celebrate Pentecost, a point where everyone was united through the gifts that the Holy Spirit gave to the disciples let us pray that we will be united once again and that fighting and conflict will cease.

Start your Form Time AoW each day by praying this prayer together:

Prayer for Peace
Let us pray, through the intercession of Mary Queen of Peace, 
for peace on earth and an end to violence and terrorism in our world,
for a new spirit of trust and collaboration between nations,
for the gift of wisdom for our politicians and leaders,
and for the resolution of long-standing conflicts in Syria, Gaza and the Ukraine,
and in other countries around the world.

AoW Rota for this week

Mon 21/5

Y7 – Chapel

Tue 22/5

Y9 – Chapel

Wed 23/5

P1 Robert House Mass

Thu 24/5

Y10 – Chapel

Fri 25/5

Y8 – Chapel

Confirmation Retreat Afternoon

House Competition Notices

Photography Competition Deadline – Wednesday 23rd May

DT Competition – Friday 25th May

Click here if you made your Confirmation between 19th May 2017 and 25th May 2018!

On Friday 25th May we are holding our annual Confirmation Retreat Day in School. Anyone who has been confirmed between the dates above is welcome to attend so please see Marsha or Joe to add your name to the list of people that will be taking part on the day!

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

What Good News will you share about God with others?

Don’t forget to complete your mission by speaking to someone new and telling them about God!

We end by making the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Watch this video to recap what Pentecost is all about. (We celebrated Pentecost on Sunday 20th May this year, the video was made a few years ago so says that Pentecost is next weekend!)

How will you celebrate the birthday of the Church?

Is anyone in your Form being Confirmed this year? What can they tell you about the Sacrament?

Let’s pray together for the Holy Spirit to be a part of our lives:

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in us the fire of your love.


We end by making the sign of the cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Our understanding of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit comes from the book of Isaiah:

The spirit of the Lord will give him wisdom
    and the knowledge and skill to rule his people.
He will know the Lord‘s will and honor him,
    and find pleasure in obeying him.
He will not judge by appearance or hearsay;

Isaiah 11: 2-3

Have a look at the scenarios below and see if you can work out how the Holy Spirit might help us in these situations. Add your answers to the comments box below.

The 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit:

Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgement, Courage, Reverence, Awe and Wonder


Scenario 1 – You walk into a Church where Adoration is taking place

Scenario 2 – You are about to take a test

Scenario 3 – You have to decide which subjects to choose for your GCSEs

Scenario 4 – A friend shares their worries with you

Scenario 5 – You take a few minutes in your day to enjoy the scenery in the sunshine

Scenario 6 – You have to deliver some bad news

Scenario 7 – You are giving a friend some advice to help them with their worries

We end by making the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

As always we take time to listen to a reading of Sunday’s Gospel to help us reflect on what God is saying to us.

John 15: 26-27; 16:12-15

Think in your forms now about how you can live your truth, how you can follow Jesus and reflect on some of the challenges that you might face along the way.

Don’t forget that we have Mass in the Chapel at 12:15 today and any students who are on the Confirmation Retreat should head to the Chapel at 12:00.

We end by making the Sign of the Cross.

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