This week’s word of the week is Decisions. Making the right choice is one of the things that the Holy Spirit helps us with and this week 40 young people have made the choice to come to Lourdes in France to help those most in need. It’s an amazing thing to choose to do something for someone else and an example to us all to be guided by the spirit to help others.

This week’s word of the week will come live from Lourdes and we’ll be blogging all week with different challenges and activities for you to do in your forms.

We’ll also be asking you to send in your petitions and prayers so we can pray for you during our visit! Also if you have any questions then pop them in the comment box and well answer them in the next episode!

Check back every morning for more photos and videos!

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In your forms think about the best decisions you’ve ever made, did those decisions help other people?


Don’t forget to leave your petitions in the comments box below!



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