Prayer Resources – Lent Week 5

quotivee_wallpaper_1920x1200_0006_you-make-your-own-choicesThis week is a very exciting one in school. Firstly, we have Lenten Fundraising on Thursday. This has always been a major highlight in the life of the school and this year we’re hoping to raise more than ever. Over the last few weeks we’ve had the chance to understand just what Almsgiving is all about and just how important it is to give what we have. This week we’re going to put it into action.

ballot-boxWe’ve also got some very special Acts of Worship on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. 6th form students are going to be representing the major political parties and trying to convince you to vote for them. That’s because this week we’ll be holding a mock election! On Thursday you’ll have the chance to vote and make your voice heard!

Of course, not everyone is going to be eligible to vote in the General Election. There is however an election that everyone CAN take part in – an election for the Youth Parliament. On Thursday, for our PSHCE, you’ll have the chance to  vote on 4 manifestos for the upcoming youth parliament and actually put democracy into action.

But what has all this go to do with our prayer resources?! It’s a good question but actually an easy one to answer. The choices we make about how we live our lives and ultimately about how our country is run can be inspired and guided by our faith and our values. Our ethos can help us make the right decisions for our own lives and for the lives of others. You can choose to make a real difference on Thursday to the lives of people who really need it. You can choose to get involved with the world around you and choose the issues that effect you. Maybe most importantly, you can choose to listen to your heart and listen to God to make the right choices every day.



We begin with the Sign of the Cross

It’s time for our “Word of the Week” check out for the notices at the bottom of the screen and don’t forget to leave your comments below!

After the video above has finished, take a few moments to think about the choices you can make this week. Finish with the prayer below.

Lord, help us to make the right choices in our lives Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

If you’ve not had chance to check out this week’s ‘Word of the week’ watch it above!

Robin-Hood-Errol-Flynn-002This week is about choices. Some choices are harder than others. Some choices even seem impossible to figure out.

Read the dilemma below and reflect and decide as a form on what you would do. Click the button and let us know what the majority decision is.

You are an eyewitness to a crime: A man has robbed a bank, but instead of keeping the money for himself, he donates it to a poor orphanage that can now afford to feed, clothe, and care for its children. You know who committed the crime. If you go to the authorities with the information, there’s a good chance the money will be returned to the bank, leaving a lot of kids in need. What do you do?

[total-poll id=6138]

Lord, help us stick to what we believe in. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross.


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

Continuing our look at just what we can do in lent, have a look at this. If everyone in your form raised about £1 (which to be honest is rather easy!) this is what you could do!


We have a choice. This lent we can actually save peoples lives!

Spend a few moments in silence thinking about the difference you want to make and how you can do it.

Lord, help us to choose to make a difference. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


For PSHCE this week we’re taking a break from the norm and looking at how we can put democracy into action. Pope Francis called young people to have courage and make noise to take a look at this and make your voice heard!

You may not all be able to vote in the General Election but you can vote for candidates in the Youth Parliament. Eloise de Sousa is an activate member and shes got 3 prospective candidates manifestos to vote on.

Have a read of the polices below, take a vote in your forms and leave your totals in the comments box below Remember – your vote counts! you can find out more about Youth Parliament here:

We begin with the Sign of the Cross

Lord, help us to make our voice heard. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross.


It’s results day! Tune in at 8:50 AM to see how Becket has voted!

Click play below and if it does not automatically start at 8:50 then refresh the page!


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