The first week of Advent is themed around Hope.

It’s a chance to remember the hope of God’s people as they waited for a Messiah and an opportunity to reflect on our hope that one day Jesus will come again.

What are you hopeful for in our world? If you could have just one hope for the future what would it be?

God gives hope to everyone and as we enter the season of Advent we should remember that whenever things are difficult we can always hope in God.

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We begin with the Sign of the Cross

It’s time for our “Word of the Week” watch the video above and check out for the notices at the bottom of the screen – don’t forget to leave your comments below!

Make an Advent Sign for your door – What are you hoping for as a form this Advent?

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Lord, help us to never loose hope in your promise. Amen

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

Everyone loves a good Christmas Advert, but this one from a couple of years ago is actually all about Hope. We can often think of lots of presents that we “hope” for, a new TV or new clothes, but Advent reminds us to hope for bigger things, things only God can give.

This advert is simply a boy hoping that someone he loves will find someone they love.

Talk with your partner: What should we be hoping for this Advent. Spend a few moments in silence to share your hope with God.

Lord, help us to put our hope in you, Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

becket (2 of 2)This whole term is about Equality. It’s about recognising the value and worth of each individual and seeing God in each and every person. It’s about every single person being given a chance to express themselves and be who they want to be.

This week use the Key Process of “Put Yourself on the Line” to explore the following statement:

Everyone in school is treated Equally.

Lord, help us to see you in each and every person and treat others equally. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


NEXT STEPSWe begin with the Sign of the Cross

As you know, we are going to use the Scripture from this Sunday’s Gospel to reflect on every Friday. If you are in KS 3/4 You can use your planners to to help you understand the scripture.

This year we want to bring the Word of God to life on a Friday morning to help us reflect and understand scripture a little bit better, so with the help of our school community a different person each week will read our Gospel and share what it means to them. Use your planners to help you discuss and explore the story further.

Matthew 24: 44
So then, you also must always be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you are not expecting him.
How could we make ourselves ready for when Jesus comes again? What distractions should we avoid that might stop us from being ready?

Lord, help us to listen to and follow your word. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross.


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