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Life wasn’t easy for the disciples even after the resurrection. They faced challenges every day – but they didn’t give up. They were committed to their mission.

We face trials every day, as many of our community face exams in the next few weeks we have to inspire each other to stay committed and to face the challenges head on.

Think about the commitments that you make – How can you continue to stay committed? We will also celebrate the Robert House mass this week – he was someone so committed to his faith he gave his life for it.


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

It’s time for our “Word of the Week” watch the video above and check out for the notices at the bottom of the screen – don’t forget to leave your comments below!

In your forms  – think about the commitments you have at school – how easy is it to stick to the things you said you would do?

Lord, help us to stay faithful and committed to the things that matter. Amen

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


We begin with the Sign of the Cross

This week we are going to ask you to make a commitment as a form. It can be simple one – to be a bit nicer to each other and be a bit more patient. It could be something more adventurous to raise more money for our school in Ghana or win some points in an upcoming House Competition.

Whatever it is, make a real commitment by putting it in the comments box at the bottom of this page. We will then publish them again a few weeks time to see how committed you’ve been!


Lord, help us to find the strength to stay true to our commitments. Amen

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


We’re moving on to a new topic in our PSHCE this half term – This is a chance to explore what it means to do the right thing and the consequences when we don’t. It’s an opportunity to explore the legal system and how we make decisions as part of a democracy. An opportunity to explore what it means to be fair and how to affect situations where this is not the case.

Use the Key Process of Numb3rs to debate the following situation:

Teresa May said that she wouldn’t call a snap election when she became the leader of the Conservatives. Last week she announced a snap election. As we approach the General Election – all the major parties are making promises and commitments about what they will do if you vote for them – but according to a major study – since 1987 what percentage of promises have been kept by the party who ended up winning? Check out the answer at the bottom of the page.

Lord, help us to listen to our conscience and by guided by our faith. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross


NEXT STEPSWe begin with the Sign of the Cross

As you know, we are going to use the Scripture from this Sunday’s Gospel to reflect on every Friday. If you are in KS 3/4 You can use your planners to to help you understand the scripture.

This year we want to bring the Word of God to life on a Friday morning to help us reflect and understand scripture a little bit better, so with the help of our school community a different person each week will read our Gospel and share what it means to them. Use your planners to help you discuss and explore the story further.

Luke 24: 35

The two then explained to them what had happened on the road, and how they had recognised the Lord when he broke the bread.

What would be the most important details to explain if you were one of the followers who had been on the road to Emmaus that day? When would other people recognise Jesus in your actions?

Lord, help us to listen to and follow your word. Amen.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross

Numb3rs answer

It may surprise you to know the answer is actually 80%
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