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Last week we saw many of our community leave The Becket. Year 11 and Year 13 both had celebrations to offer to God all that they have achieved and become. This week think about how you can be with them in prayer and how you can offer them support as they take their next steps during exam season and in shaping their futures. Every time a person leaves our community we can celebrate all the things they have given to The Becket and all of the amazing things that The Becket has helped them become.

This week we will also be preparing for our 5th Stop the Clock session on Friday P5. We will be thinking about right and wrong and reflecting on what our Catholic faith teaches us about our morals. 

Daily Prayer for Peace

During the month of May (a month of Mary) Bishop Patrick has asked us to pray for peace and to particularly ask Mary, the Mother of our Church to pray for us also. Start your Form Time AoW each day by praying this prayer together:

Prayer for Peace
Let us pray, through the intercession of Mary Queen of Peace, 
for peace on earth and an end to violence and terrorism in our world,
for a new spirit of trust and collaboration between nations,
for the gift of wisdom for our politicians and leaders,
and for the resolution of long-standing conflicts in Syria, Gaza and the Ukraine,
and in other countries around the world.

AoW Rota for the next 2 weeks

Mon 14/5

Y7 – Chapel

Tue 15/5

Y9 – Chapel

Wed 16/5

Y8 – Chapel

Thu 17/5

Y10 – Chapel

Mon 21/5

Y7 – Chapel

Tue 22/5

Y9 – Chapel

Wed 23/5

P1 Robert House Mass

Thu 24/5

Y10 – Chapel

Fri 25/5

Y8 – Chapel

Confirmation Retreat Day

House Competition Notices

Y7 House boards deadline – Friday 18th May

Photography Competition Deadline – Wednesday 23rd May

DT Competition – Friday 25th May

Click here if you made your Confirmation between 19th May 2017 and 25th May 2018!

On Friday 25th May we are holding our annual Confirmation Retreat Day in School. Anyone who has been confirmed between the dates above is welcome to attend so please see Marsha or Joe to add your name to the list of people that will be taking part on the day!

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

What have you celebrated this year?

What celebrations are your preparing for and looking forward to?

One Celebration that you are all invited to is the special prayer event taking place at Trent Vineyard Church in Nottingham this Friday! You are warmly invited to join 1,200 Christians from across Nottingham on the evening of Friday 18th May 2018 at Trent Vineyard as part of the Thy Kingdom Come global wave of prayer. You can find further information, and book your free ticket, at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/thy-kingdom-come-nottingham-2018-tickets-44879008322. The Trent café will be open from 6.30pm and the prayer and sung worship will take place from 7.30pm – 9pm.
Further information is available on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1494587457319122/

We end by making the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Watch this video clip from the Musical, Les Miserables. This clip is from the end of the opening song. In it we see Inspector Javert tell the Prisoner, Jean Valjean that his parole has begun and he can leave the place where he has been kept prisoner for 19 years.

Listen to Jean Valjean as he explains why he was sent to prison and think about Javert’s response – do you agree with him?

Click here to see the lyrics from this clip

Now, Prisoner 24601, your time is up and your parole’s begun!
You know what that means?

Yes, it means I’m free!

Follow to the letter your intinerary.
This badge of shame you’ll wear until you die.
It warns you’re a dangerous man.

I stole a loaf of bread!
My sister’s child was close to death,
And we were starving!

You will starve again,
Unless you learn the meaning of the law.

I know the meaning of those 19 years,
A slave of the law!

Five years for what you did!
The rest because you tried to run.
Yes, 24601.

My name is Jean Valjean!

And I’m Javert!
Do not forget my name!
Do not forget me, 24601…

Is it right or wrong to steal food to feed your family?

Do you think a woman who had committed the same crime would be treated in the same way?

Should those who have been to prison, and served their sentence, have to ‘wear a badge’/ have a criminal record for the rest of their life?

Lord, please help those who are in desperate situations and struggle to feed their family.


We end by making the sign of the cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Draw a line on the whiteboard and label one end ‘right’ and the other end ‘wrong’.

Using post it notes, or crosses drawn with a whiteboard marker, each person should indicate whether they think the following statements are right or wrong.

As you decide remember these words from St Paul’s Letter to the Colossians:

Everything you do or say, then, should be done in the name of the Lord Jesus, as you give thanks through him to God the Father.

Colossians 3:17

Statement 1

It’s ok to tell white lies

(A white lie is a lie that is told in order to be polite or to stop someone from being upset by the truth. e.g. saying ‘I didn’t see your text’ when you didn’t reply.)

Statement 2

The Prime Minister should have the highest wage in the country

Statement 3

No school should have a uniform

Statement 4

 You should always admit to your mistakes, even if no one has noticed that you made them

We end by making the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

As always we take time to listen to a reading of Sunday’s Gospel to help us reflect on what God is saying to us.

John 17:11-19

Think of ways in which you can show your faith, and your connection to God, through your actions.

We end by making the Sign of the Cross.