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Almsgiving means simply giving to those in need.

This week, we celebrate the Annunciation of the Lord, the moment that Mary gave herself for the whole world so that the Saviour could be born. She could have said no, she could have said that she was not able to but God gives us the strength to be able to offer ourselves for the sake of others.

Have you ever given up your own needs for the needs of others?

How could you make a difference this week to those who really need it?

What will your contribution be to our Lenten Fundraising efforts?


  • It’s Lenten Fundraising this Thursday!!!! Think about how you and your form will raise as much money as possible for Lenten Fundraising – don’t forget, it is a House competition! Our fundraising afternoon is an incredible opportunity to be sponsored for a fun activity and the money raised will make a huge difference to our school charities: Building Hope in Bunkpurugu, CAFOD, Faith in Families and Emmanuel House.
  • The deadline for the Faith in Action group to hand in their completed journals and Final Piece is FRIDAY this week! See Joe or Marsha if you have any questions.
  • Y10 – the deadline for deposits for the Briars Retreat in May is Wednesday 27th March – this week! It’s a strict deadline so if you would like to go then your deposit must be paid on Squid before Thursday.
  • We have Mass on Friday so come and join us for our celebration at the end of the week – you can collect your Mass Pass from the Chapel.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

We end by making the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

This video helps us to reflect on the Gospel story of The Good Samaritan and how it inspires us to give alms during Lent.

Who are the ‘inn keepers’ that you support?

This week, and everyday, we have the opportunity to be Good Samaritans and to work alongside the inn keepers that meet some of our neighbours that are in the greatest need in our world. Let’s pray together for their efforts:

Lord, help all of our efforts to make a real difference to those who need it most. May we never grow tired of doing what is right.


We end with the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Today is a huge day in our school’s calendar as every member of our school will be taking part in Lenten Fundraising and will be working to make a difference to our school charities: Cafod, Emmanuel House, Building Hope in Bunkpurugu and Faith in Families.

Read and reflect on this piece of scripture – what does it mean for our Lenten Fundraising activities today?

Remember that the person who plants few seeds will have a small crop; the one who plants many seeds will have a large crop. You should each give, then, as you have decided, not with regret or out of a sense of duty; for God loves the one who gives gladly. And God is able to give you more than you need, so that you will always have all you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause. As the scripture says,

“He gives generously to the needy;
his kindness lasts forever.”

10 And God, who supplies seed for the sower and bread to eat, will also supply you with all the seed you need and will make it grow and produce a rich harvest from your generosity. 11 He will always make you rich enough to be generous at all times, so that many will thank God for your gifts which they receive from us. 12 For this service you perform not only meets the needs of God’s people, but also produces an outpouring of gratitude to God.

2 Corinthians 9: 6-12

When you complete your Lenten Fundraising activities this afternoon remember the words of St Paul in his letter to the Corinthians and ‘give gladly’ of your time and energy. In all your actions you will be living out our school motto – ‘to work is to pray’!

We end with the Sign of the Cross.

Check out some of the videos below to find out how we’ll be helping and supporting others through our activities this afternoon. Every penny you raise makes a huge difference to these charities and the people that they support so let’s make today a celebration of the impact that you can make!


Faith in Families

Emmanuel House

Building Hope in Bunkpurugu

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

As always we take time in our week to listen to Sunday’s Gospel.

We end with the Sign of the Cross.