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On Sunday we celebrated the most important celebration within our faith, the resurrection of Jesus! We celebrate the season of Easter by using a word we don’t use during Lent – Alleluia! The word simply means ‘praise the Lord’ and it’s a reminder that at this time of year we should be rejoicing and celebrating that Jesus is risen.

Think this week about what makes you want to celebrate and think about how you can show the world the joy of the resurrection.


  • Check your Lourdes and Briars letters for the dates of the payment deadlines which are this week!
  • If you’re in Bernadette House then make sure you are preparing your parts for your House Mass, P1 this Friday!

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Make sure you update the Liturgical Colours signs in your Classroom so we’re ready in school to celebrate Easter and have a think about how you can ‘Praise the Lord’ this week!

We end by making the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Last year Prime Minister, Theresa May announced an annual Stephen Lawrence Day to be held on the 22nd April every year. Last year was the 25th Anniversary of the death of the black teenager, Stephen Lawrence who was murdered whilst waiting for a bus to take him home. Many issues have been raised surrounding the investigation into Stephen Lawrence’s murder and the annual remembrance day stands as a reminder of how we as a society should strive for justice and should promote truthfulness, fairness and respect.

To mark this day our local Schools and Early Intervention Officer, PC Karen Crane, will be visiting our school on Thursday lunchtime to talk with students about the Stephen Lawrence day. She will be based in the atrium/ Hall so please take the opportunity to find out more.

As a Catholic community we always strive for justice, truthfulness, fairness and respect and we pray for all those who do not enjoy these freedoms in their lives:

Help us Lord to build a society that follows the values taught to us by Jesus. May we never grow tired of searching for the truth and bringing justice and fairness to those who need our help.


If you would like to learn more about Stephen Lawrence then go to https://www.stephenlawrence.org.uk/

We end with the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

As always we take time in our week to listen to Sunday’s Gospel.

Please join us in the Chapel at 12:15 today for Adoration until 12:30 so we can pray and celebrate Easter together!

We end with the Sign of the Cross.