last-supper-da-vinciEvery day we receive the gift of food. Saying thank you to God, not only helps us remember where it all came from but it helps us remember how fortunate we are and how much we have to be grateful for.

We can thank God in many different ways; through singing, silence and more traditional prayers.

What’s important is that we remember to do it – so keep checking back here for more resources and don’t forget to leave a comment if there is something you’d like to see!

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Close your eyes and think about the meal that you are about to enjoy. This also for those people who will go hungry today.

Bless us, O Lord, as we sit together.
Bless the food we eat today.
Bless the hands that made this food.
Bless us, O lord. Amen

We finish with the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Ask the person next you: What are you having for lunch!

Who made that food, where did it come from?

Being grateful for the amazing things that we have is really important. When we are about to eat and share our meal we need to give thanks to God for blessing us with it.

We finish with the Sign of the Cross.



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