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Our Liturgy started with an introduction which told us that the Liturgy was going to be about peace and that we should reflect on the words of Pope Francis: ‘Let us bring the flame of Christ’s love to humanity which needs true happiness and peace so much’.

We read some scripture from Luke’s Gospel and we read a line each so that people could truly reflect on the words. The message in scripture was about the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary to give her a message of peace. After we had listened to the scripture we led the congregation in a scripture reflection when we took each line of the Gospel and thought about what it means for us in our lives. We spoke about how Mary was so young when she was called for her special job and we thought about how Mary was blessed to be the Mother of Jesus and how we have blessings in our lives.

We shared the sign of peace to bring our theme alive and then spent some time in prayer to think about our own intentions which we joined together as we prayed the Hail Mary.

We ended our Liturgy by singing a hymn, called Lord I need you and we sang it to show that we were calling God to come and bless us.

Our mission this week is to be at peace with everyone that we meet, just as the Angel Gabriel and Mary, the Mother of the Lord, have shown us.

We were thrilled by Fr Paul and Fr Jonathan kindly joining us for our Liturgy and sharing in that peace with us. We had a wonderful time preparing the Liturgy today and we hope that the Year 6s are having a wonderful time at the Briars!

The Y5 Team!