Patrick House Mass at The Becket!


On Monday 16th March (the day before the Feast Day of St Patrick) we were joined by Fr Michael Brown who celebrated our Patrick House Mass and it was a brilliant celebration!

Every form in Patrick House played a special role in the Mass, each with a different Mass part.

11P welcomed us all and introduced our Mass with some interesting facts about St Patrick…

St Patrick was a missionary who took the message of Jesus to the people of Ireland, where he is the Patron Saint. Having been sold into slavery, he relied on prayer and his faith to help him through. He continued to get to God and eventually became bishop tasked with spreading the Good News. St Patrick inspires us to be an example to others and to be proud to share our faith as missionary disciples.

10P wrote and read a lovely Penitential Act, we reminded ourselves of Jesus’ unconditional love for us and prayed for Jesus’ forgiveness.

9P wrote and read our prayers of Intercession. The prayers were beautiful and highlighted all the different people and communities that particularly need our prayers at the moment. Especially everyone who has been affected by the corona-virus, may we continue to play our part in society by protecting and praying for the vulnerable.

8P Patrick-ified our Chapel with some awesome decorations that you can check out in our photos! These decorations included lots of shamrocks with different lines from St Patrick’s prayer, St Patrick’s breastplate and some very large large snakes to represent St Patrick ridding Ireland of Paganism and bringing in Christianity. Shamrocks are linked to St Patrick because it is believed he used them to explain the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

7P created everyone is Patrick House their very own gift to take home and stick on their fridge or give to an Irish relative. The gifts looked amazing and were an abstract from St Patrick’s prayer for the faithful.

Thank you to Fr Michael and the whole of Patrick House for a wonderful celebration!

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