10 Holy Week Activities To Make Easter More Joyful | Prayer & Possibilities
This week we are thinking about “Passion.”
The word passion in the Church has a different meaning than that which we would normally use to describe emotion and feeling.
The Easter Story as we know it is also called The Passion of Jesus and tells the story of the trials, suffering and resurrections of Jesus.
Holy Week is the Passion, and we’re going to explore that throughout the week.



Chaplaincy Notices

These are the dates and times of our meetings this week:
Year 7 – 11:45 – Ma1 – Tuesday Lunchtime
Year 8 – 11:45 – Kingsbury Chapel – Monday Lunchtime
Year 9 – 12:40 – Kingsbury Hall – Monday Lunchtime
Year 10 – 11:45 – Beechdale Chapel – Wednesday Lunchtime
Remember to have your lunch BEFORE you arrive!
We start our prayer with the sign of the cross…

“Hosanna! Blessed is he who is coming in the name of the Lord!”

Mark 11:9

On Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week and the countdown to Easter Sunday. Over the the ‘Skit Guys’ to explain more…

Let us prayer together;

Christ Jesus, forgive me for the times I have lost courage and been unable to speak up for what I know is right, or when I have been too easily led by others. Strengthen my voice to speak from my heart. May those whose voices are often silenced because of poverty or exclusion make themselves heard at last. Amen.

…we end our prayer with the sign of the cross
We start our prayer with the sign of the cross…

Today Fr Mike takes us through how we can pray through Holy Week. It’s a really interesting video and may bring up some themes that you hadn’t thought of before!


Discuss these questions as a form and comment your answers below!

Were any of the themes in the video new to you?

How do you celebrate Holy Week in your family?

What have you taken away from the video?

Let us pray:

Dear Lord,

As we journey with you through this Passion help us to be reminded of your never failing love and to continue to pray and communicate with you as we should.


We end our prayer with the sign of the cross…
We start our prayer with the sign of the cross…

Today we are going to hear the scripture from Mass on Sunday – more specifically Palm Sunday! It’s the last Sunday in Lent, and celebrates the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem.

We end our prayer with the sign of the cross…

Our Easter Liturgy is a little different this year. Throughout the video we will hear songs and see clips of the events of Maundy Thursday. There will be questions for you to reflect upon and think about – when these come on try to close your eyes and spend some time reflecting on them and the music that’s playing.

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