Our World is a Special Place!

earth-spaceClass 3C began the day preparing their Liturgy for Friday. They have lots of wonderful music and a fantastic video which shows why St Edmund Campion School is such a special place to all of the students there.

It was all change in Class 2K where they had a Class President for the morning who asked what the rest of the Class thought the world needs more of.

Class 2B have also prepared a fantastic Liturgy for the rest of the school and their parents to enjoy. They were talking all about Treasure and showed how the world was created by God to be a great treasure for us to take care of. The rest of the school were given the tricky task of discovering the true treasure in some mixed up words at the front and there were some beautiful thank you prayers to thank God for the wonderful treasures that we have.

Class 1J helped Class 2B in their preparations for their Friday Liturgy by creating some amazing drawings of sea creatures and birds. There were sharks, jellyfish, piranhas, whales and dolphins along with owls, eagles, ostriches and ducks! The Classroom came alive with the creatures that God created and they were very proud to have helped Class 2B in their important preparations.



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