Our Lady of the Holy Rosary celebrations

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Celebrations

On the 7th October, the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary!

This week we entered into the month of October – October is a month dedicated to the Holy Rosary. It’s a reminder that we can look to Mary not only as an example, but also as a friend who prays with us when we need her the most.

On Thursday we celebrated the feast day of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. The rosary is a meditative prayer and it helps us to reflect on the key moments in Jesus’ life. When we say the rosary we might focus on one of the four mysteries:

  • Joyful mysteries– Jesus’ childhood,
  • Luminous (Light) mysteries- Jesus’ adult life,
  • Sorrowful mysteries- The events of Good Friday,
  • Glorious mysteries- What happened after Jesus’ Resurrection,
  • In each mystery, there are 5 moments in the scripture of Jesus’ life that we meditate on.

‘Praying the rosary is like holding the hand of our Blessed Mother as she leads you through the life of her Son.’

On this special feast day in our morning form time prayer, every young person and staff member had the opportunity to create their very own decade of the rosary with pieces of string and pray the rosary together as a form. We tied 11 knots in our pieces of string to help guide us through the Our Father, ten Hail Mary’s and the Glory Be prayers that make up a decade of the rosary. It was great to hear that so many forms thoroughly enjoyed creating their own decade of the rosary and we look forward to using our DIY rosary’s in future prayers.

During the afternoon we celebrated and explored the rosary some more as some of our Y8 and Y9 RE classes visited the chapel for a session on the rosary with chaplains Joe and Ruth, where we were also joined by Fr Michael and our past chair of governors Les Sullivan.

During our rosary afternoon with Y8 and Y9 we tested our knowledge on the rosary with a quiz and then we split into teams to create reflections on each of the pieces of scripture that make up the joyful mysteries. Y8 and 9 created some beautiful and thought provoking reflections in the form of freeze frames, dramas, hot seating, reflective questions and prayers which helped us to journey with Mary and Jesus throughout Jesus’ childhood. After Y8 and 9 shared their joyful reflections with the rest of the groups, we finished the afternoon by praying a decade of the rosary together. Thank you so much to all the Y8 and 9 students who took part in our rosary afternoon and shared some beautiful reflections!

We were given the mission to learn more about the different mysteries that make up the rosary and to try praying the rosary more in the month of October. See below some simple tips for praying the rosary each day!

Let us know in the comments below what the rosary means to you and whether you have completed your mission this October!

Infographic: Tips To Pray The Rosary Every Day | Catholic-Link

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