Our school has recently become part of a trust known as the Our Lady of Lourdes CMAT, and to kick off this special event all the schools held a Mass to show us all coming together. Every school in the CMAT was there on the day and we had a warm welcome from The Briars Team and Bishop Patrick. All of our school chaplains were there to represent each of the hubs in the Our Lady of Lourdes trust.


Each school that was attending had to make and bring with them a massive postcard to the event. When we got there we realised we were going to swap them with another school so that we would have a part of that school in ours showing the sense of community amongst the trust. We took home Christ the King’s postcard. We liked this one the most because of all the homemade creations on it made by students at Christ the King.


Going to the OLOL Mass was a time of excitement and enjoyment, coming together and sharing in the love of Jesus.


Eve and Saoirse – Year 6

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