“Only miss the sun when it starts to snow…”

thank_youClass 4 spent last week preparing for their Key Stage 2 Mass and today they shared all their hard work. Focusing on the theme of being grateful for what we have now they started Mass with an introduction that reminded us of just how many things we have to be thankful for such as our senses, our homes, our schools, the love and care we receive and the food and water that we are lucky to have. They chose the Gospel story about the 10 lepers where only one returns to say thank you and to praise Jesus and Fr Quentin reminded us all of the importance of saying thank you. The prayers and Communion Reflection that Class 4 prepared were wonderful and got all of Key Stage 2 involved in thinking about what they could be thankful for.

The Chaplaincy Teams from Class 5 have also been busy over the past two weeks helping to prepare Monday morning assemblies for the whole school. They have organised all sorts of activities such as games, dramas, prayers, scripture interpretations and much more!

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